"What drives me to create predates the written word...." -Andrew Cohen

Ariel Guidry is a multi-ethnic artist whose music reflects belief in that deepening self awareness can better connect us to our true selves and ultimately one another.
Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey, Ariel sang from birth and later trained in classical and early music repertoire. In adolescence, while working as a liturgical singer, she developed a background in musical theater that morphed into a focus in jazz, blues and soul styles. In 2012, she began songwriting and joined the thriving arts and music scene in Jersey City, New Jersey.
The last few years have brought a focus to incorporating a stronger purpose in her art. 
Her father who was White- being of Cajun, Irish, and Swiss descent- briefly sang for the group Up With People and was active in Newark politics in the late 1970’s-80s. Her mother, a Newark native, is from whom Ariel inherits her Native American, East Indian, and African American heritage, as well as a love of art and teaching children. Coming from a diverse ethnic background and having both parents who were hippies in their youth, instilled a fierce passion for speaking with awareness and compassion, while performing with a purpose. 
Roots & Passionate Causes:
Along with focusing on multi-cultural equality, she is also an LGBTQ advocate. Identifying as a queer artist herself, as she often refers to herself a “Pandicorn”, an amalgam of a Panda and Unicorn; Panda because she is Black, White, and Asian, and Unicorn because she is queer.
Because of her Native American background of Blackfoot, Cherokee, and Cree heritage, a cause dear to Ariel’s heart is to bring awareness to the Missing, Murdered Indigenous Women of America, and in general, Native American rights and their mistreatment within the US.
Life Is A Stage
In addition to singing, Ariel can be found emceeing for the Jersey City Theater Center:The Box Edition series, White Eagle Hall, and speaking or performing for a variety of events that promote diversity awareness and acceptance. 
She’s performed for the Amend the 13th! An Event to End Mass Incarceration 2019, Jersey City DACA rally, 2018 Jersey City Poetry Fest, 2017 Hudson County Pro-Immigration Rally and was a featured vocal act for the 2019 Jersey City Gay Pride Parade.
Her voice appears in a variety of recorded works for independent artists Shayfer James & J Hacha de Zola, blues singer songwriter Sid Whelan, and electronic artists Instant Photons & Auto Cliche.
Featured performer/dancer/actress in music videos for Wyclef Jean, Amanda Palmer, and Shayfer James.
Ariel is also model and muse to a variety of photographers and visual artists, as well as acting for independent film projects.